3 FAMILY (32-45HP)

The John Deere 3 Family tractors are built to take care of serious business while still maintaining the look and feel of a comfortable compact tractor. If you've got any jobs around the property at your home or across properties you manage that need a backhoe, then the 3 Family tractors should be your go-to piece of equipment.  Excellent for projects requiring digging, such as building retention ponds, trash pits, trench work, plumbing and irrigation -- do it all yourself with the confidence and support of the John Deere 3 Family tractors. Worried about the tough terrain of the mountain ranges? Rest assured, the mountains don't stand a chance against the power of a John Deere tractor.

Request a quote or contact your local Pecos Valley Equipment to schedule a test drive. Also ask us about what kind of attachment or implement could better assist you and your needs.

John Deere 3025E vs. Kubota 2501

equipment 1
3025E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $20,012.00
equipment 2
3032E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $22,620.00
equipment 3
3033R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $26,907.00
equipment 4
3038E Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $25,228.00
equipment 5
3039R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $29,725.00
equipment 6
3046R Compact Utility Tractor
Starting at: $34,528.00